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Issued Transfer Certificates in Session 2018-19

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4593 Sanskar Agrawal Ajay Agrawal Click To View
4535 Yuvraj Yadav Pradeep Yadav Click To View
5455 Samarth Bhalerao Nirbhay Bhalerao Click To View
2560 Sonam Dhakad RadhaKishan Dhakad Click To View
3938 Radha Rawat Vijendra Singh Rawat Click To View
4480 Pawan Sharma Omprakash Sharma Click To View
5521 Rishi Sharma Neeraj Sharma Click To View
5491 Nikhil Sharma Satendra Sharma Click To View
4983 Sanket Arya Sanjay Arya Click To View
5425 Utkarsh Batham Kishan Batham Click To View
5467 Shruti Rana Gyanendra Rana Click To View
5498 Akash Singh Gurjar Ravindra Singh Gurjar Click To View
5434 Harshwardhan Singh Rajawat Atul Singh Rajawat Click To View
4999Raja YadavDashrath Singh YadavClick To View
5663Divyansh SharmaAbhishek SharmaClick To View
5562Prashant Singh GurjarVinod Singh GurjarClick To View
3006Anant SinghShailendra SinghClick To View
5153Sonu DhakadRamesh DhakadClick To View
3584Priyanka RajputMohan Singh RajputClick To View
4572Yogesh TomarVinay Kumar TomarClick To View
2665Megha KushwahShailendra Singh KushwahClick To View
2725Shubhang RajputJagdish Singh RajputClick To View
5539Ravindra Singh DhakadBaise Ram DhakadClick To View
3920Neha TagoreSuresh TagoreClick To View
3522Loni AryaO.P.AryaClick To View
4674Ayush SharmaRahul SharmaClick To View
4100Apoorva SharmaMadhur SharmaClick To View
5477Ajay Deep SinghHarvinder SinghClick To View
5506Yuvraj ShuklaDevraj ShuklaClick To View
4610Shruti TomarShivnarayan Singh tomarClick To View
5500Afzal AhmedRafeek AhmedClick To View
5450Surya MathurPankaj Kumar GuptaClick To View
4887Rahul KushwahKalyan KushwahClick To View
5601Manish BanjaraHari Singh BanjaraClick To View
5407Vivek JainAbhay Kumar JainClick To View
5537Aman DubeyRam Swaroop DubeyClick To View
5832Naman JainSunil Kumar JainClick To View
3691Abhinendra Singh TomarShivnarayan Singh tomarClick To View
5239Atulya GuptaVinod Kumar GuptaClick To View
5585Naitik JainSunil JainClick To View
4105Vanshita AgrawalSanjay AgrawalClick To View
5102Aniket DhakadSuresh DhakadClick To View
5103Rahul DhakadSuresh DhakadClick To View
4187Raj BaghelHarendra Singh BaghelClick To View
5419Prince BaghelBharat BaghelClick To View
4560Ankit DhakadPurusottam DhakadClick To View
5377Aryan SinghMahendra SinghClick To View
5765Bhavna BhadoriaLokendra BhadoriaClick To View
3686Palak GoswamiOm Prakash GoswamiClick To View
5232Yuvraj ShivhareArvind ShivhareClick To View
5106Sahil JainPadam Chand jainClick To View
5131Mudit BansalGokul BansalClick To View
5648Naman RathoreVishnu RathoreClick To View
4695Neeraj WaliaRam Kishan WaliaClick To View
5837Shubh RaiRajendra RaiClick To View
5457Abhishek MishraSusheel Kumar MishraClick To View
3569Gaurav SharmaBrijesh Kumar SharmaClick To View
4138Sahil TalrejaSuresh TalrejaClick To View
4634Pawan YadavRajkumar YadavClick To View
5432Ashutosh SharmaMadan Mohan SharmaClick To View
5609Vikas PrajapatiLaxmi Prasad PrajapatiClick To View
2135Reetendra TiwariBhupendra TiwariClick To View
3653Abhinendra AgrawalBhupendra AgrawalClick To View
3652Jay AgrawalDheerendra AgrawalClick To View
5281Vaishnavi ShivhareL.N.ShivhareClick To View
5025Vikash RajputRaju Singh RajputClick To View
3820Suryansh Pratap Singh SikarwarAnil Kumar SikarwarClick To View
5151Pushpendra JatavRamsingh JatavClick To View
4603Prakhar VashisthGirraj SharmaClick To View
5499Pradhum Kumar ChaudharyPawan Kumar ChaudharyClick To View
4190Vinay SahuSantosh Kumar SahuClick To View
3042Sandesh ThakurNaresh ThakurClick To View
4789Sakshi GourPramesh GourClick To View
5574Arpit ShuklaDinesh ShuklaClick To View
5509Srishti YadavShailendra YadavClick To View
5829Abhimanyu Singh BhadouriaArjun Singh BhadouriaClick To View
5548Satyam KansanaVijendra KansanaClick To View
5388Naman JainNaresh JainClick To View
5104Nitesh DhakadRaghuveer DhakadClick To View
5840Priyanshu JainDinesh Kumar JainClick To View
2727Tapendra SharmaBrijendra SharmaClick To View
2547Yatendra Singh TomarVirendra Singh TomarClick To View
4941Amit KushwahMahesh KushwahClick To View
4993Divyansh RajputManoj RajputClick To View
3685Kavya GargAdesh GuptaClick To View
4107Shubham SharmaRam Kumar SharmaClick To View
3819Aditi Singh SikarwarA K SikarwarClick To View
4638Om AgrawalShyam Sunder AgrawalClick To View
4815Amandeep RajputAshok Kumar RajputClick To View
5194Devanshu sharmaKuldeep SharmaClick To View
3774Yuvraj RajputSurendra Singh RajputClick To View
5241Tushar KumarSuresh KumarClick To View
2787Vinay Singh TomarVIinod Singh TomarClick To View
5037Shivam SharmaShiv Shankar SharmaClick To View
3123Tammna RajpootSantosh Singh RajputClick To View
3943Avdesh TomarMahesh Singh TomarClick To View
1628Anuj PandeyAshok PandeyClick To View
4189Vedant JainManoj Kumar JainClick To View
2650Aditya Singh GurjarSujan Singh GurjarClick To View
5027Tarun Pratap Singh JadounNaveen Pratap Singh JadounClick To View
5592Shivraj Singh TomarRajesh Singh TomarClick To View
5833Ayush TiwariBrajesh TiwariClick To View
2708Abhishek RawatR.B. RawatClick To View
3138Harshvardhan SolankiShailendra Singh SolankiClick To View
5418Chetan DhakadShrinivas DhakadClick To View
5279Rahul RajputDevendra RajputClick To View
4824Karan ChoudharyJitendra ChoudharyClick To View
4278Himanshu BaruaDharmendra Kumar BaruaClick To View
4830Aarti ChaudharyJitendra Singh ChaudharyClick To View
3687Sagar GoswamiOm Prakash GoswamiClick To View
5889Hritvij SaxenaRavi SaxenaClick To View
3141Pran SaxenaAjitabh SaxenaClick To View
4575Gaurav ShakyaRaju ShakyaClick To View
3586Aarzu SharmaHarivilash SharmaClick To View
5422Divyansh ShrivastavaManoj ShrivastavaClick To View
3654Sagar AgrawalDevendra kumar AgrawalClick To View
2723Shridhar SuriSanjay SuriClick To View
4497Satwik SharmaPradeep Kumar SharmaClick To View
5589Divyashi AgrawalRajesh kumar GuptaClick To View
2706Kriti BhagiaDevanand BhagiaClick To View
4076Akhilesh PrasadRahul PrasadClick To View
5803Tanishq GoyalChandra Prakash AgrawalClick To View
5809Suraj SharmaGirraj SharmaClick To View
4338Aman LodhiDaharmveer Singh LodhiClick To View
5814Shivam SinghJaipal SinghClick To View
4547Jeetu Singh KushwahPursottam KushwahClick To View
5261Santosh KushwahRamgopal KushwahClick To View
5552Aman KushwahGopal SinghClick To View
3118Abhijeet YadavDevendra Singh YadavClick To View
5875Ujjwal ChauhanSunil Kumar ChhariClick To View
5474Inderjeet KaurRajvinder SinghClick To View
5411Rohit RanaRahul RanaClick To View
5473Muskan GargManoj GargClick To View
5048Sanket KhasMohan KhasClick To View
2261Yashaswa JainShailendra JainClick To View
5582Yash Kumar SahuManish Kumar SahuClick To View
3097Yash AgrawalKrishnan Kumar AgrawalClick To View
3577Vaibhav GuptaAnil Kumar GuptaClick To View
4680Tejaswa YadavSatish Kumar YadavClick To View
5463Steve S VargheseShaji VargheseClick To View
4555Sonali KushwahLaxmi Narayan KushwahClick To View
4725Somil BansalRajesh BansalClick To View
5587Shweta AryaManish Kumar AryaClick To View
3982Shivansh TripathiAkhilesh Kumar TripathiClick To View
4775Satyam ShivhareKamlesh Kumar shivhareClick To View
4542Saloni OjhaRakesh OjhaClick To View
4192Sakshi MishraArun Kumar MishraClick To View
5517Ritika YadavD. P. YadavClick To View
4536Priya DubeyManoj DubeyClick To View
4794Prankush Singh SengarR S Singh SengarClick To View
3168Nivesh RajputBalwant Singh RajputClick To View
4540Nishant RajputDevendra Singh RajputClick To View
2120Nikhil ChauhanManoj Singh ChauhanClick To View
5147Nandini Singh JadonSurendra Singh JadonClick To View
3307Mausam AnuragiRamesh PrasadClick To View
3590Manish Singh YadavNomi Singh YadavClick To View
5351Manav JainRakesh Kumar JainClick To View
4367Lakhan Singh GurjarRajendra Singh GurjarClick To View
4646Krishna Pratap KushwahRam Singh KushwahClick To View
3537Khushi GuptaAgyat GuptaClick To View
5555Kartikey GuptaAbhay GuptaClick To View
2148Ishita TomarPradeep TomarClick To View
5504Harshita SinghDharmendra SinghClick To View
4234Harshit MakhijaA.K.MakhijaClick To View
4115Harshit GautamGhanshyam Singh GautamClick To View
4784Devraj PathakDeenanath PathakClick To View
4214Deepak ShrivasS.K.ShrivasClick To View
4541Brijendra OjhaRakesh OjhaClick To View
2705Bhavesh YadavDinesh YadavClick To View
4570Ayush JainAkhilesh JainClick To View
2428Atharva ShakyaDinesh Kumar ShakyaClick To View
5516Ashutosh KeshariShailendra KeshariClick To View
3447Arjit MishraD S MishraClick To View
3029Archi ShrivastavaAditya Kumar ShrivastavaClick To View
4630Anuj DubeyRajkumarDubeyClick To View
3556Anshika GargTara chand GargClick To View
5157Ajay MeenaBabulal MeenaClick To View
4689Adarsh DubeyGovind DubeyClick To View
2968Raghav SharmaJagat Narayan SharmaClick To View
4898Mohit YadavBhadur YadavClick To View
5586Kumkum ChaurasiaHeerendra ChaurasiaClick To View
5569Harshwardhan JadonNarendra Singh JadonClick To View
4279Abhishek Singh TomarNarendra Singh TomarClick To View
4237Abhay Pratap Singh ParmarRaghuveer Singh ParmarClick To View
5448Shivakant PariharSunil KumarClick To View
5559Raashi TiwariRavi TiwariClick To View
5515Aman GuptaYogesh Chandra GuptaClick To View
5485Akshat ShrivastavaAvinash ShrivastavaClick To View
2745Tulika NagwaniAnil NagwaniClick To View
3996Siddharth GargLokendra Sharan GargClick To View
4607Shriyansh SrivastavaJitendra Kumar SrivastavaClick To View
5590Shoaib AhmedSher AhmedClick To View
3707Shivani GurjarShankar Singh GurjarClick To View
5470Shivam Kumar SahuHarishankar SahuClick To View
5444Shivam JainRajeev JainClick To View
3906Sejal SolankiShailendra Singh SolankiClick To View
2441Priyanshi PalDharmendra PalClick To View
5508Ojaswani KohliSanjay KohliClick To View
3671Nikhil SinghKadam SinghClick To View
4395Nidhi SharmaVasudev SharmaClick To View
5510Mayank SharmaSubhash SharmaClick To View
4629Lokendra Singh ChandelSurendra Singh ChandelClick To View
3156Harshita KushwahKashiram KushwahClick To View
5551Harshita GargSunil GargClick To View
5542Gurjot Singh GillSatnam Singh GillClick To View
5576Dev SharmaSatish SharmaClick To View
4266Bhuvnesh ChaudharyRavindra SinghClick To View
4005Arzoo AgarwalRajeev AgarwalClick To View
5507Ankit JaiswalGanesh JaiswalClick To View
1261Aniket GurjarBanwari GurjarClick To View
3360Sohail QurashiArif Ahmad QurashiClick To View
4632Shubhankar YadavArvind YadavClick To View
3676Ritik GargAshok Kumar GargClick To View
1613Manasvi ShrivastavaVinod ShrivastavaClick To View
3939Shubhangi MadanRanjan MadanClick To View
5426Vaibhav NodiyaArvind Kumar NodiyaClick To View
3868Bharat YadavIndal YadavClick To View
5503Sarabjeet KaurMalvinder SinghClick To View
5536Sakshi YadavSatyapal Singh YadavClick To View
5495Pragati Singh SikarwarGovind Pratap SinghClick To View
5401Muskan BhadouriyaDharmendra Singh BhadouriyaClick To View
3633Manisha BhadoriyaAshok Singh BhadoriaClick To View
5570Divyanshu BaraiyaPhool Singh BaraiyaClick To View
3315Divya SharmaBal Krishna SharmaClick To View
3499Akshay Pratap Singh KauravRamashankar Singh KauravClick To View
5460Shekhar Pratap SinghRam Dulare Singh ChauhanClick To View
4616Raman RajputRajpal Singh RajputClick To View
5391Krishna RahejaMukesh RahejaClick To View
5051Sanjani BatraSanjeev BatraClick To View
5659Ansul SinghShyam Bihari SinghClick To View
5811Ashutosh GuptaAnil GuptaClick To View
4955Anjali SengarShyam Singh SengarClick To View
4953Ananya SengarShyam Singh SengarClick To View
5615Shubham SinghVikram SinghClick To View
5055Mayank GuptaSanjay GuptaClick To View
5776Deepanshu SagarArvind SagarClick To View
5380Samrat VaidyaSunil VaidyaClick To View
4118Abhay BhadoriyaKuldeep Singh BhadoriyaClick To View
4117Ashi BhadoriyaKuldeep Singh BhadoriyaClick To View
5786Gagan TolaniSanjay TolaniClick To View
4989Satyam YadavSahab Singh YadavClick To View
5810Ragini KirarKalyan SinghClick To View
4166Vishesh TyagiPraveen TyagiClick To View
5679Utkarsh JadonPadam Singh JadonClick To View
5777Ayushi DhakadMahesh DhakadClick To View
5012Kartik Singh PariharMahendra Singh PariharClick To View
2690Harshit SharmaAshok SharmaClick To View
4979Shaniya RajakChandrabhan ShrivasClick To View
4212Dev Singh PariharArvind Singh PariharClick To View
5356Dheeraj BhiwaleR.N. BhiwaleClick To View
5357Pankaj BhiwaleR.N. BhiwaleClick To View
4967Kartik AroraRajeev AroraClick To View
5560Ishan ChaturvediSatish ChaturvediClick To View
5701Ayushi YadavMunna Raja YadavClick To View
5758Dev KatareDilip KatareClick To View
5846Aryan SinghMalkhan SinghClick To View
5481Arjun Singh RathodRajesh RathodClick To View
4183Abhi SoniDwarika Prasad SoniClick To View
5709Raghav GoyalArun GoyalClick To View
5646Kishan GuptaJitendra Kumar GuptaClick To View
4512Shristi SharmaRavi SharmaClick To View
5332Kajal KushwahArun pratap singh kushwahClick To View
3638Palak PalGopal Singh PalClick To View
5433Devansh BhadauriyaDhyanendra BhadauriyaClick To View
4920Urvashi JohriSunil JohriClick To View
5789Bishesh SinghKaushlendra SinghClick To View
4671Yash GargYogesh gargClick To View
4124Rudraksh PalRam Lakhan PalClick To View
4368Rinku KansanaMohar Singh GurjarClick To View
5398Pramesh SinghBirendra Singh KushwahClick To View
5397Harshika KushwahBirendra Singh KushwahClick To View
4294Saksham SharmaAnil SharmaClick To View
5436Pushpendra Singh GhuraiyaSantosh Singh GhuraiyaClick To View
5768Anshika TomarDheerendra Singh TomarClick To View
3585Aryan RajputMohan Singh RajputClick To View
4935Prakhar Deep MishraAwdhesh MishraClick To View
4952Harsh PandeySudhir Kumar PandeyClick To View
5621Yash KulshresthaVijay KulshresthaClick To View
5596Aditya PariharBasant Singh PariharClick To View
5366Anantika PariharBasant Singh PariharClick To View
5677Labhansh SinghManoj Kumar SinghClick To View

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