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Registrations and Admissions open for all classes (Session 2023-2024)

(Awards are based on the Year's aggregate)

Dear Award Winners!
Congratulations for Achievement!
I am glad that your hard work has been rewarded. I wish you numerous long stretches of incredible accomplishments!

Thanks to all
For helping and supporting Prince Yajat Singh Shinde to achieve General Proficiency in the Session 2019-2020.
Our Appreciation to all Teachers in the school, Class teacher Ma'am Miss Tanya Rohira
/ Miss Kawaljeet, elders, overall staff of BVN, Co-ordinator Ma'am, Principal Ma'am,
Teachers of bus Pallavi Dubey Ma'am specially for helping,
promoting and maintaining the bus discipline.
On behalf of Prince Yajat Singh Shinde
And family
Hope all your blessings will make him achiever again!
Priya and Anoop Singh Shinde (Mother and Father)

Thanks to all
Thank you Principal Ma'am and all teachers of team BVN for their hard work
in supporting my son Sampurn Pawar. He developed confidence and has achieved
General Application Award in his class.Thank you Tanya Ma'am
and all teachers for their dedication, affection and care given to Sampurn
and all children in his class.
Sampurn was new admission in school, teachers mentored and changed him to a great extent!
Poonam and Sandeep Pawar (Mother and Father)

Thank you Ma'am for your co-operation.
You have always been so loving and supportive
- Shourya Baijal

Thank you to all for helping Shourya Baijal.
Special Thanks to Miss Tanya Rohira.
We want to express our appreciation for your excellent work for the children.
The difference you’re making in their lives is immeasurable. Our sincere gratitude
to all the teachers, who have touched and inspired the mind of our child.
The curriculum is the necessary raw material, but the warmth you
provide is the vital element for the growing minds and souls.
Hope your efforts will make him doer again!
Deepa and Sabal Baijal ( Mother and Father )


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